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    Panic en la Playa Seis
    Feb 27 Riviera Maya, MX Stream Download
    Feb 28 Riviera Maya, MX Stream Download
    Mar 01 Riviera Maya, MX Stream Download
    Mar 02 Riviera Maya, MX Stream Download
    Spring Tour
    April 21 Wanee Festival Stream Download
    April 22 Sweetwater 420 Fest Stream Download
    April 23 Sweetwater 420 Fest Stream Download
    May 04 Jazz Fest No Source
    May 05 Beale Street Festival No Source
    May 07 SunFest Stream Download
    Summer Tour
    June 23 Red Rocks Stream Download
    June 24 Red Rocks Stream Download
    June 25 Red Rocks Stream Download
    July 15 Sloss Festival No Source
    Aug 12 Peach Music Fest Tickets
    Aug 13 Peach Music Fest
    Aug 26 Lockn' Festival Tickets
    Fall Tour
    Sept 15 St Augustine SOLD OUT
    Sept 16 St Augustine SOLD OUT
    Sept 17 St Augustine SOLD OUT
    Oct 20 Milwaukee On sale July 21
    Oct 21 Milwaukee
    Oct 22 Milwaukee
    Oct 27 Las Vegas On sale
    Oct 28 Las Vegas
    Oct 29 Las Vegas
    Dec 29 TBA  
    Dec 30
    Dec 31
    2018 Panic en la Playa Siete
    Jan 26 Riviera Maya, MX SOLD OUT
    Jan 27 Riviera Maya, MX
    Jan 28 Riviera Maya, MX
    Jan 29 Riviera Maya, MX

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