Widespread Panic – 12/31/2013 – Atlanta, GA


Widespread Panic
Philips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia

Set One:

01. Journey Through The Past^
02. Don’t Be Denied
03. Time Fades Away^
04. And It Stoned Me
05. Expiration Day
06. Pickin’ Up The Pieces*
07. Blue Indian
08. Climb to Safety

Set Two:

01. Intro/Tuning
02. Holden Oversoul >
03. Who Do You Belong To?
04. You Got Yours >
05. Papa’s Home
06. Old Neighborhood#
07. Angels On High#
08. Devil In Disguise#
09. Tail Dragger#

Set Three:

01. Mr. Lopez Countdown
02. Celebrate (PA)
03. Burning Down The House^#
04. Let The Good Times Roll^#
05. Bust It Big#
06. Jack
07. Chilly Water
08. Surprise Valley
09. Pilgrims
10. Surprise Valley#@
11. Spill The Wine#@+
12. You Should Be Glad#
13. Love Tractor

14. Encore Break
15. Stop Breakin’ Down#
16. Ain’t Life Grand

^ First Time Played
* With Randall Bramblett On Saxophone
# With The Megablasters On Horns
@ With Paul D’Agostino On Keyboards
+ With Madison Smith, Eric Bice, And John Switzer On Percussion

Source: Soundfield SPS200 > Sound Devices 788t (24/48)
Location FOB, DFC, 6.7 ft. high

Recorded by: Daniel Kopp
Taped & Transferred by Daniel Kopp

* A Team Dirty South Recording *

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  1. Caught some in the car last night- there’s an opener NO ONE called!!!! :) time fades away is a great album… Looking forward to hearing the rest of the show! Happy new year everyone!!

  2. Thanks Curtis for getting this up so dang fast…for those of us who could not be in ATL last night, it is great to be able to hear it twice in a 24 hour span…..thanks again and Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for all you do to keep Panic’s journey accessible. Was disappointed that the NYE show was only available on Xirius. Having the Mixlr stream live for all is a great service for fans.

  4. per Ted Rockwell of EverydayCompanion…
    The band debuted a blues song last night that is being listed incorrectly in multiple places this morning –
    Let the Good Times Roll is actually named ‘Come On’ and is a song by Earl King.
    As the Wikipedia article says the Jimi Hendrix version of the some is probably the best known although the Dr John version is also very well known and others including Stevie Ray Vaughn and Steve Miller have also covered it….

  5. I guess you missed the multiple posts I made providing a quick and easy free 30 day trial for listening to SiriusXM online and via their mobile apps

  6. The playlist/tracks are messed up on Panic Stream. “You Spilled The Wine” is “Love Tractor” and “Love Tractor” is “Stop Breaking Down”. Not going to check them all, but you get the idea.

  7. Great show! My first New Years since the 96′ run at the Fox, and I gotta say… the boys still bring it! Thank you so much for all the great memories to the band, my Panic family, and all those at Panicstream. Thank you!!!

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  9. I was working on NYE and heard “Let the Good Times Roll” come on the radio at the shop…the thought crossed my mind (like any song I hear really)…”what would it be like to hear JB do this one??”…lo and behold…