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2015-05-22cPhoto by

Widespread Panic
The Amphitheater at the Wharf,
Orange Beach, AL


01. Space Wrangler
02. Holden Oversoul
03. You Got Yours
04. Little Lilly >
05. Rock
06. The Poorhouse of Positive Thinking
07. Radio Child
08. Tail Dragger
09. Smokestack Lighting* >
10. Ain’t Life Grand >
11. Big Wooly Mammoth
12. Saint Ex
13. Proving Ground
14. Surprise Valley >
15. Porch Song


16. End of the Show**
17. Climb To Safety

* w/ Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. (vocals)
** w/ Daniel Hutchens (vocals) and Eric Carter (guitar)

[Bloodkin and Col. Bruce Hampton & The Madrid Express opened]

Source: Schoeps MK4(ortf) > KC5 > CMC6 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DR-680(24/48)
Location: fob/dfc
Taped and seeded by Jesse Mc

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Widespread Panic
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Fair Grounds Race Course
New Orleans, LA

Partial set that aired on AXS TV in bold. No audience taping was allowed.

0: Old Neighborhood, North, Street Dogs For Breakfast > Disco > Greta > Jack > Henry Parsons Died > Steven’s Cat, Cotton Was King, Pigeons, Honky Red, Cease Fire > Driving Song > Tall Boy > I’m Not Alone > Driving Song, Bust It Big, Sell Sell > Chilly Water > Me And The Devil Blues* > Fishwater**

* with Cody Dickinson on washboard, Luther Dickinson on guitar
** with Big Chief Dancers, Cody Dickinson on washboard, Luther Dickinson on guitar

[‘I Walk On Guilded Splinters’ tease during ‘Fishwater’]

Capture provided by muzline

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Widespread Panic
Bijou Theater
Knoxville, TN


Space Wrangler (w/PA problems),
Makes Sense to Me,
Take Out > Porch Song,
C Brown
Holden Oversoul* >
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys >
Walkin’ (For Your Love) >
Stop/Go >
Flat Foot Flewzy >
Travelin’ Light,
[Rock missing on board tape],
Love Tractor

I’m Not Alone,
Weight of the World


One set show, no taping allowed

Filler(see notes for why this filler is here):
AUDM>DAT Nak 100 – Space Wrangler, Holden (in full), Rock

source: SBD taped by Tip
transfer by JK
notes: panic comes back to the bijou again during their “no taping” period. i taped upstairs, front row balcony with nak 100/cp1. Tip was working at WUTK at the time as a DJ and was able to tape sbd to broadcast. There were PA / board issues during Space Wrangler – on the board tape the kick drum and floor toms distort a bit, and on the house PA there is some crackle. I included the filler of Space Wrangler from the audience source in case anything could be done to matrix and smooth it out. Holden is a matrix as the tape flip caught the board and the aud source is included for that reason. Rock is also missing on the board tape due to tape flip, and that’s included from the aud source also. the audience source is not great, but i included those songs for completeness. the board mix this night is nice and it’s stereo, jb’s guitar on the right and mike on the left, for the most part. this is not the perfect tape, but we’re lucky to have it at all.

it’s a good show, so check it out!

john m

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Photos by Andy Tennille (view full gallery)

Widespread Panic
Wanee Music Festival (Peach Stage)
Spirit of Suwanee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
April 18th, 2015

01 Makes Sense to Me
02 Chainsaw City
03 Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
04 Wondering
05 Ribs and Whiskey
06 Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
07 Can’t Get High
08 Sell Sell
09 Barstools and Dreamers
10 All Time Low
11 Arleen
12 Pilgrims
13 Airplane
14 Second Skin
15 Surprise Valley
16 Red Hot Mama
17 Conrad
18 End of the Show
19 Big Wooly Mammoth
20 Mr. Soul

T01-15 recorded with Neumann KM184’s > Apogee Duet 2 > Logic Pro X > Macbook Pro @ 44.1 kHZ/24 bit
T16-20 recorded with Neumann KM184’s > Sound Devices 722 @ 48kHZ/24 bit
50 ft. f/ stage, center, 10 ft. high, DIN
Recorded by D. Fries

* 3 second drop out at the beginning of Red Hot Mama due to battery issue.

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Photos by Jason Koerner and Ian Rawn

Widespread Panic
April 17th, 2015
Live Oak, FL
Wanee Music Festival
Peach Stage

01 Tuning
02 Love Tractor > (Fireworks can be heard at beginning)
03 Travelin’ Light
04 Who Do You Belong To?
05 Little Kin
06 Christmas Katie >
07 Radio Child
08 Steven’s Cat
09 Climb To Safety
10 Blight >
11 Papa’s Home >
12 Blackout Blues >
13 Drums >
14 Diner >
15 I’m Not Alone
16 Smokestack Lightning >
17 Use Me (Fireworks can be heard near ending)

18 crowd
19 Tail Dragger >
20 Porch Song

DFC 9ft high, 60ft from stage
AKG 483(Din) > BUSMAN modified Tascam DR-60D @ 24bit/48Khz
Taped by GDfan

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Widespread Panic
Memorial Auditorium
Jacksonville, FL

01. A of D
02. Heroes
03. Wondering
04. Weight Of The World
05. It Ain’t No Use >
06. Rock
07. Me And The Devil Blues
08. Ain’t Life Grand
09. Pilgrims
10. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
11. Tie Your Shoes >
12. Fishwater
13. Jack
14. Maggot Brain >
15. Chilly Water

16. Postcard

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Widespread Panic
Boston, MA

01. intro
02. Send Your Mind >
03. Fishwater
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Pilgrims
06. Hatfield
07. C. Brown >
08. Walkin’ (For Your Love)
09. Junior
10. Driving Song >
11. Love Tractor >
12. Driving Song >
13. Disco >
14. Little Kin,
15. Wondering

16. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
17. Papa’s Home

[‘Tear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)’ tease by Dave during ‘Fishwater'; Swinging Steaks opened]

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