Widespread Panic
Wiltern Theatre,
Los Angeles, CA

1: Surprise Valley > Ride Me High, Crazy, Weight of the World, Let It Rock > Radio Child > Greta* > Flat Foot Flewzy > Love Tractor*

2: Second Skin* > Thin Air, Baby Let Me Follow You Down > Driving Song > Smokestack Lightning > Drums > Driving Song > Give, A of D** > Visiting Day** > B of D** > Chilly Water**

E: Dream Song > Ain’t Life Grand

* with John Keane on Pedal Steel
** with Sam Holt on Guitar

[John Keane on all songs except Crazy, Radio Child]

Taped and Transferred by Mikey Jones

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Widespread Panic
Beacon Theatre,
New York, NY

1: Little Lilly, Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Disco > Porch Song, This Part Of Town, Ophelia, Holden Oversoul > Visiting Day, Radio Child

2: Love Tractor, Down > Driving Song > Greta > Driving Song, Thought Sausage > Drums* > Maggot Brain*, Low Rider* > One Arm Steve

E: Postcard, And It Stoned Me

* with Christopher Theberge on percussion, Jay Rodriguez on saxophone

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Widespread Panic
I.C. Light Amphitheatre,
Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1:
B of D > Dyin’ Man, Thought Sausage, Down, It Ain’t No Use > Rock, Airplane > Baby, Let Me Hold Your Hand, Makes Sense To Me

Set 2:
Little Kin > Fishwater, Who Do You Belong To?, Visiting Day > Surprise Valley > Henry Parsons Died > Drums > Christmas Katie, No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature, Ain’t Life Grand

E: Trouble, One Arm Steve

[‘Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun’ tease by Dave after ‘Drums’]

Source: (fob/dfc) Schoeps mk4v>KC5>M222>NT222>VMS5U>AD1000>HHb
Taped by Charles Fox, Converted and Seeded by Graham Munda

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Widespread Panic
Merriweather Post Pavilion,
Columbia, MD

Set 1:
Goin’ Out West, Disco, Give, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Pleas > Jack > 1 x 1, Wondering, Stop-Go > Porch Song

Set 2:
Big Wooly Mammoth > Dear Mr. Fantasy, Greta > Driving Song > Little Lilly > Driving Song > Love Tractor > Drums > Bear’s Gone Fishin’ > Red Hot Mama, Red Beans

E: This Part Of Town, Mr. Soul

[‘Godzilla’ tease by Dave before ‘Goin’ Out West'; ‘Hey Jude’ tease by Dave after ‘Dear Mr. Fantasy’]

Source: (fob/dfc/xy 10th row) Schoeps mk41v>KC5>M222>NT222>VMS5U>AD1000>HHb
Taped by Charles Fox, Converted and Seeded by Graham Munda

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Widespread Panic
Fleetboston Pavilion,
Boston, MA

1: Send Your Mind, Holden Oversoul > All Time Low, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Party At Your Mama’s House > Sleeping Man, Casa Del Grillo, Climb To Safety > Cream Puff War

2: Don’t Tell The Band > Imitation Leather Shoes, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Radio Child, Tall Boy > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys > Drums > Ride Me High > Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys, Chilly Water

E: Sometimes, C. Brown

[‘Norwegian Wood’ jam by Dave and JoJo after ‘Drums’]

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Widespread Panic
Meadowbrook Music Festival,
Oakland University,
Rochester Hills, MI

1: Happy Child > A of D, Space Wrangler > Walkin’ (For Your Love), Down, Pigeons, Hope In A Hopeless World, Sleepy Monkey > Walk On > Conrad

2: Action Man, Thought Sausage, North, Diner, Chunk Of Coal > Drums* > Surprise Valley > Pilgrims, Travelin’ Light*

E: Nobody’s Loss, Coconut

* with Carrot Top

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Widespread Panic
Deer Creek Amphitheater,
Noblesville, IN

1: Heroes > Impossible > Little Kin, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Sometimes, Pusherman > Climb To Safety > Pusherman > Imitation Leather Shoes

2: Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Genesis, Porch Song > Little Lilly > Red Hot Mama > Blackout Blues > Drums > Love Tractor, Glory > Swamp

E: Driving Song > Breathing Slow

[Slow ‘Porch Song'; ‘Down On The Farm’ tease by Dave before ‘Drums’]

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