Widespread Panic
Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA

01. crowd
02. A of D
03. Holden Oversoul
04. Travelin’ Light
05. C. Brown
06. Machine >
07. Barstools and Dreamers > Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin > Barstools and Dreamers
08. Gimme
09. Conrad
10. Space Wrangler
11. Porch Song
12. Papa Legba
13. I Walk On Guilded Splinters
14. Rock
15. The Last Straw
16. Pigeons
17. Fishwater
18. Proving Ground
19. E: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*, Turn On Your Love Light*

* with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar/vocals


Widespread Panic
Central Tavern
Seattle, WA

01. Love Tractor
02. Machine >
03. Barstools and Dreamers
04. Holden Oversoul
05. Space Wrangler
06. Rock
07. Proving Ground
08. C. Brown
09. Travelin’ Light
10. Pigeons
11. Porch Song
12. The Last Straw >
13. Chilly Water

[Opened for Tough Mama]


Widespread Panic
The Living Room
Providence, RI

01. Proving Ground
02. Love Tractor (missing)
03. Space Wrangler
04. Travelin’ Light
05. Pigeons (missing)
06. Machine >
07. Barstools and Dreamers >
08. Coconut
09. Chilly Water

[Opened for Phish]



Widespread Panic
Fairmount Hotel,
Dallas, TX

0: Travelin’ Light, Love Tractor, Stop-Go, Holden Oversoul, Space Wrangler, Feelin’ Alright, C. Brown, Porch Song, Proving Ground, Coconut

[Phi Delta Theta fraternity party]


Widespread Panic
Stadium Place
Columbia, SC

01. She Caught the Katy
02. Pigeons
03. Rock >
04. Worry
05. Love Tractor
06. Space Wrangler
07. Travelin’ Light >
08. Barstools & Dreamers >
09. Machine >
10. Barstools & Dreamers
01. Porch Song
02. Proving Ground
03. C. Brown
04. Chilly Water

05. The Earth Will Swallow >
06. Conrad/

‘Conrad’ fades out 3:53 into it. There are fireworks going off during certain parts of the show.

Source: Audience analog master cassette > CD Sony D-5 > Tascam CDRW2000
Transferred and seeded by Harvey Couch. Source CD courtesy of June Mackey.

photo 2

Widespread Panic
November 16, 1990
Oxford, MS

Set 2

1) Holden Oversoul
2) Jack
3) Dog Song
4) Papa Legba
5) Walkin’ (for your love)
6) Fishwater

7) crowd
8) Gimme (a Kiss on Tuesday) >
9) Mr. Soul
10) Sleepy Monkey
11) Love Tractor >
12) Last Dance

Cut after Gimme but before Mr. Soul

After Holden
‘That song was called Plato (PlayDoh?) in Paradise, I hope you liked it.’

JB Sings during Gimme
‘Give me a lift here Waker’

Sleepy Monkey features JB singing a different verse
‘I Woke to the noise of bugs and splash a sunrise on my brain
Took a look at the swim saw a fin and jumped in
and I jumped back and scaled out again
I’m going down’

Recording info:
Taped by Sam Holt, Possibly plugged into Hardy Ross’ AKG 522 > Sony D5 Cassette master

Tape supplied by Sam Holt
Transfer by Ted Rockwell

photo 3


Widespread Panic
Studio Session
September ??, 1990
John Keane’s Studio,
Athens, GA

C. Brown*
A of D,
The Last Straw
Love Tractor
Holden Oversoul
Proving Ground
Contentment Blues
Barstools and Dreamers
Space Wrangler
JB Talking
JB Talking – Love Tractor

- Several songs include JB talking / conversation.
- There is a gap in Track 16 – JB talking – Love Tractor
- Wonderin’ starts in progress
- This is a must have for old school Panic Fans!!!!!

* with John Keane on pedal steel

[Exact date unknown (sometime in 09/90?);

‘Holden’ and ‘Contentment Blues’ appear on Space Wrangler (reissue)